Why I decided To Purchase The Apple Watch

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With technology changing constantly it can be hard to stay in touch with all the new trends.  They can get expensive and sometimes you get it, you really wanted it.. but then you use it once or for a few months and never use it again. So why not buy a product that you know will come in handy and be something you will want to use for several years to come??

Well, that is just what I did, I have been researching and wanting to get a smartwatch for several years now. I just didn’t know what kind I wanted and really what one would work well for me. I wanted something that had the capability to track my heart rate, with the way that my fluctuates not many devices can even keep up. I also wanted something that I would be able to save things on my phone too, having that capability to use the watch if I did not have my phone on me.

That is when I decided to go look at the Apple Watch Series 3 – GPS – Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band – 38mm. well, guess what folks? That was all I had to do, putting the watch on my arm after watching youtube videos and reading reviews I was sold!


Apple Watch Wrist Bands;

The apple watch had everything I was looking for and I use it every day. Having the capabilities of the GPS, talking and being able to use it as a phone when I do not have my phone on me was the first thing I liked. 2) Being able to listen to all the music that I have on my phone. 3) I really like the looks that this watch has.  It is not super big and bulky and doesn’t look gawdy on your wrist. Also, I liked how no one knows if I am tracking my steps since I don’t look like I workout at all. The Fitbit I would always have people asking me, “how many steps did you get in today?” Then I would feel judged because I did not get any in, I was stuck in bed most of the day.

Furthermore, this watch is water resistant up to 50 ft, now I am one to drop everything either in the toilet, sink, bathtub, etc.. It is like my arm sees the water and just drops it in on purpose… NO idea how my body works at times, but this watch is still going strong.

Finally, the battery on this is incredible, I have it on all day and when I get home and I still have 80% battery life.  What helps for charging this when I get home is my;

 This charging device will charge your phone, your headphones and your apple watch all in one. Without having to have a ton of cords plugged into your wall.

I never leave home without my apple watch or this charger!


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