What is all the hype with Jane?

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So what is this Jane all about?? Have you ever heard of Jane? When I first heard about the app that I could use on my phone to shop for all different (super cute items if I might add) I was ecstatic, and to this day still, am. I get a lot of items from this site. Jane is an online marketplace with tons and tons of loyal customers. They offer you a unique online shopping experience by providing you with up to date fashion trends from several retailers.

The First Item’s I Purchased

The first one that I ever bought was a super cute apple watch band…then I started just saving a ton of stuff to my wishlist and that is when I bought on there like I do on amazon. Anyone here an avid amazon shopper?? Raise those hands high, I know mine is raised high, I think I get something on there at least once a week if not more. Now with very jane, I think I get something at least every other week. There are so many cute items to choose from, I took some screenshots and posted them below for you on how you can also download the app on an iPhone and start shopping for yourself and others today!

      • I bought the apple watch band, the boho cow band. One of my absolute favorites and I have gotten tons of comments on it.
      • I got the Miranda Lamber Shirt, it has a ton of her song titles on it and it would be absolutely perfect for one of her concerts.
      • The bralettes are my absolute favorite!! They are not on there all the time because they do sell out very quickly and one of their more popular items.
      • These earrings were the last thing I have purchased and I love wearing them, the gold and grey go great and compliment a lot of my outfits.

Apple Watch Bands:


Dangle Earrings

Steps & What You Will See

This is what is shown from my phone, I do have an Iphone so those with an android might see it on their screen a little bit differently. I do know that the logo will be the same.

1)  The first step will be to go into the app store and search “jane” the logo for the app will look like this.

After downloading this app once you click on it you will see this screen or at least something similar to this.

Pages You Will See 

When you start looking at the app from your phone you will see that you can choose from Deal at the top, and also sneak peeks. There is also an option to shop by category. This can be shopping from yourself, accessories, your kids, baby, etc.. There are many options to choose from. When clicking the category for women you will see in these pictures below some of the cute items Jane has. They have different items every week too, so its nice to just check out every week, day or month, totally up to you. I know for myself I check once a day… I know I am kind of addicted, but there are so many cute options to choose from. They also have in the bottom right hand corner, where you can heart what you like, and save it for later. This gets saved in a wishlist that you can come back to later.



Now who doesn’t lik great deals?? I know Jane has great deals on all their items but here are some coupons to save you more money! If you are anything like me, you love coupons and you love saving money!
Free Shipping on Select Deals

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