Top Thing’s You Must Do While In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach and the top things to do while there:

Hello, all my beautiful readers!! This past week I went to Myrtle Beach for the first time and I just have to share with you, if you are planning a vacation with your family, friends, husband/wife or your significant other, this is the place for you!

North Plantation Resort

When visiting Myrtle Beach, there are plenty of beautiful spots to stay at right on the ocean. One that I recommend would be the North Plantation Resort. Now let me tell you why. In this resort, there are several homes, that are truly just gorgeous, set up nicely and private for your convenience.  Just a short walk from all these homes is the plantation, this is filled with several pools, hot tubs, a swim-up bar, lazy river, and just a short flight of steps that lead you right to the beach.  If you decide to stay in the location with all the pools, there are four or five. There is one that is adults only, and it is more of the party pool. This pool includes the swim up bar and several spots along the edges with a table in the middle to place your drinks. There are cabanas and several spots to sit, layout and relax. During a certain time of the day, there is also a DJ that will show up, playing all kinds of music and fun games for adults and children. Now the only downside of any of these locations is that they are not all-inclusive resorts like you get when you go out of the states. With that being said, just make sure to bring some extra cash and money with you, the food and drinks can be a little bit on the pricey side.


The Boardwalk Strip

The boardwalk is also a very fun location with plenty of attractions to entertain you for your entire stay in the area.  A bonus, if you stay in the North Plantation Resort this is only a short drive there and back. I believe it took about 15 minutes or so to get to this location from the house that we stayed at in the area.  There are restaurants, plenty of gift shops, clubs, bars, and carnival attraction rides. Some of the top places you might enjoy are;

  • Walhburgers; If you like Mark Wahlburger or burgers this would be the place for you. The burgers here are fantastic, as well as the atmosphere of the place. Watch the screens to learn more about the Wahlburg family and the restaurants that have built across the U.S.
  • Bar Louie’s; This is a karaoke bar that is Free Admission… I mean come on who doesn’t like to get into bars for free?? The atmosphere here is also tons of fun. There is a huge stage where a karaoke legend can become born. There are several songs to choose from and a huge screen to read to sing your heart out.  This is a perfect place to just have fun and be yourself, none of these people will ever see you again.. just you and your friends. Have a good drink, a great laugh and watch the entertainment for the night.
  • Malibu Club; Do you like to dance? Do you like clubs where the DJ is so good, you just want to dance the entire night?? This is definitely the place for you.  Also, a free admission to get in, show your ID at the door, get scanned and be prepared for your purse to get checked. This place is very safe, there are several bouncers and workers standing around to help you if you need it. The music is extremely loud, but you will have a blast, songs are played anywhere between backstreet boys, to a country song, to new music r&b, a complete mix of several genres for all ages.  If you are a woman and you decide to use the bathroom, just a warning that there is someone in there. She sits by the sinks, has an assortment of soaps, perfumes, deodorant, lotions, and hands you a towel. There is a tip jar next to the sink where you will wash your hands, this was something totally new for me. I have only seen this kind of thing in the movies so I did feel awkward and just wanted to use the bathroom and get out. Also, another fair warning that most of you I am sure already knows if you go into a club. There are several guys you will just stand around the room, getting ready to pounce and dance with you. I had it happen a couple of times, and me being married, I will say I did not like it. I was there to have fun with my girls, I think the guys got the hint after I showed my wedding ring though. Other than all that, this place was incredibly fun, you will never want to get off the dance floor because all the songs are such a blast to dance too.
  • Jet Boat Ride; When you first walk into the boardwalk area and head towards the bridge, there is a ride that is just way too fun to pass up. $20 gets you a ride that you are sure to enjoy. The jet boat glides across the water, but hang on. There are twists and turns, and rooster tails coming your way. Now if you have vertigo, or just get sick on boat period, I will say you may not get sick on this one.  I am one to get extremely seasick at times, although this ride went by so fast and with the boat gliding over the waves, I barely felt anything. Just a couple jerks from the boat spinning in a circle here and there.  As long as you hold on and brace yourself, the ride is over before you know it and you will want to go on it again.  For example; There were two guys that stood behind us that went on four times.. they could not get enough of the ride that the driver even knew who they were.
  • The Beast; For all of my thrill seekers or amusement park riders, this one is for you! This ride is with most of the carnival rides to the one side of the boardwalk. Also just over the bridge and down the walk away, you can see it flying in the air as soon as you walk across the bridge. Yes, I said you can see it up in the air because this ride gets you sky high. My little sister and her friend were very nervous to go on it in the beginning, although they bought their ticket, stood in line got on and were ready to go again when they met us at the end. Guess what?? They did go on it again, they both had so much fun they decided to go buy more tickets, wait in line again and ride it one last time.  Now, let me try to explain this ride to you… Think of a circle ride with a bunch of seats surrounding the circle, now you sit in and you get harnessed like you were on a roller coaster.  You will have to take your shoes off if they are not strapped on your feet, your feet dangle as well as your legs on this ride. The conductor then turns on some music and you start swaying from side to side, as well as spin in a complete circle. The spinning then gets faster and faster and before you know it, you are up so high in the air, just watching it you have to lift your head up over the building next to it. The ride is very fast and over before you know it. My sister and her friend said, “at one point, they felt themselves rising up out of their chairs, and the momentum pushed them against their harnesses.” Again, this is why I said all my thrill seekers and amusement park riders.. when I watched this ride, I knew this was not one for me! This ride is definitely not for the faint of heart or someone that gets sick easily.
  • We R Sweetz; Do you like salt water taffy? Do you like a huge assortment and being able to choose your own?? This little shop is one that I know I had to go in. Salt water taffy is sold in all the souvenir places, most of the shops in Myrtle Beach, although the assortment is chosen for you. Go into this shop, there is taffy that you can watch being made and several buckets that you can choose from. You can get about 60 pieces of taffy for $10, and again you can choose all the kinds you like. They do also have fudge and several other treats in there as well to choose from, this is not just a taffy shop.
  • Joes Crab Shack; Last but not least is the restaurant that you will want to be sure to visit on this boardwalk. There are several seafood options and a fun, enjoyable place to eat for all the family. The waiters and waitresses are funny, they also dance everywhere for your entertainment. The song that was danced to at the time my family was there, was “The train.” At least I believe that is what it is called, the song goes “if you feel like dancing, come on it’s up to you, the train is coming through.


Minature Golf Anyone??

All along the drive from the boardwalk to the North Plantation resort is several Putt-putt mini golf courses.  Now if you are looking for one that has good views, and is different from probably any Putt- Putt course you have been to, you will want to visit The Atlanticus. When arriving at this course, you can choose from two separate courses. There is the caves or the other side, I cannot think of the name right now.  We chose the other side instead of the caves. Now I will say, there is a ton of water throughout this course, so you have to be extremely careful how hard you hit the ball, you could lose it in the water at any time.  There are 18 holes and quite a bit of walking to get to each one, if you do get tired there are plenty of benches and spots to sit on your way to each one. As you make your way through each of the courses you will end up in little tiki huts, from these huts you will be able to see the ocean and around Myrtle Beach area. Like I said, this is the course that gives you some of the best views.  There are also very pretty spots to stop and take pictures if you are waiting for the group ahead of you. Finally, there is a bonus course at the very end, try your luck and you might just win something.

Buffet and fresh seafood OH MY!

Now down south has some of the best, and truly the freshest seafood I have ever tasted. If you are a seafood person, you love fish, shrimp, crab etc.. the place for you is Benjamins Calabash. This place is huge!! The hostess will explain every spot and where you can go to get each item, so pay close attention because there are several spots and tables to get food from. They have 170 items to choose from as well as over 25 dessert items as well. If you decide to go here, bring your appetite and a good one at that because you will need it. The price is kind of expensive, but there is quite a bit of food, so it is worth it for some but not for others… I think this will be a matter of opinion for everyone and what you can afford. I believe the price was $39.95 for adults and $16.00 for children.  Make sure to get the crab legs, and go to the green buffet table, there will you find all kinds of seafood! Also if you want to try just a couple of desserts, because there are a lot, I would recommend the oreo cookie, the red velvet cake, and the cheesecake bites.

Are you ready to book your next trip to Myrtle Beach now??

If you want to know more about any of the attractions or items I listed don’t forget to leave me a comment. Also if you have been to Myrtle Beach yourself and have a place I did not list here, comment below! I would love to know more places for the next trip and next time I come here.


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