Top Secrets To Guide You Towards Your Holiday Shopping.

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“Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, over the hills we go laughing all the way..”  The holidays are coming, all the best movies will be on, and oh my goodness all-new Hallmark movies. I don’t know about any of you but I absolutely love the Hallmark holiday movies. But, you know what I love most of all, getting gifts for people. I love to go online look at all the deals, and find the very best gifts I can. I also like to do a lot of DIY gifts but that is for another day.

So, let me ask you this, do any of you have people in your group of friends or family that have everything and can be hard to shop for?? I used to have one of these, my dad, oh my goodness… he had everything. I always struggled on what to get him, and most of the time I did those sappy dad gifts. Anyways, I want to share with all of you some secret holiday shopping tips, tricks and some good deals to get friends and family.

Gift cards;

You can never go wrong with gift cards; here are some ideas for each person.

Grandparents; Their favorite restaurant is always a good idea. You could also get them a card to one of their favorite stores. Buy them a night away, because you know they more than deserve it.

Parents; Also getting them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, and stores. Getting a gift card for a massage and spa weekend, so they can treat themselves to relaxation because you know they need it.

Siblings: So I am not sure about you, but my sister and future sister in law both love Starbucks! This is always a good gift idea, now I am not a coffee drinker myself, the smell of coffee makes me nauseous but I love being able to make them happy. There are several gift card options you can get for siblings especially women/girls. There are also bath and body works, Ulta (because we love makeup right)? Finally, there are always stores, so many stores because what woman doesn’t like shoes, boots, and clothes? NOT ME! I love them all, give me all the clothes!!! Just don’t tell my husband I said that he already keeps telling me “I need to get rid of all the clothes I do not wear.”

Free $10 gift card when you spend $50 on apparel & accessories � or free $25 gift card when you spend $100. Valid 11/4-11/10.

There are always Amazon gift cards for the whole family as well, Amazon as the build your list and when it comes down to it you can get EVERYTHING on Amazon! I even got some of my family members shopping on there now and hooked on it, they could not believe how much Amazon had to offer, and they even get some of their favorite foods.

How about someone that travels? Someone that uses Uber a lot? How about an Uber gift card?

Uber Gift Card – Email Delivery


Do you have anyone in your family who likes to read? You can even get them a book or an E-book? Here are some of the popular ones right now that they might enjoy or you yourself might enjoy (maybe you will want to buy yourself one too).

Top Gifts Under $50

Top Gifts Under $10

Top Gifts Under $5

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