The Closer He Got The Further I Fell

The story of how I met my husband is one for the books. It started out one day where one of my friends and I were hanging out playing cards in my room. I had just gotten through a pretty bad breakup, then more breakup after breakup. I could not get myself to get over this guy that I thought I would marry and be with for the rest of my life… That is until I met Ryan, my husband, my whole world changed for the better and the day I said I do was the best day of my life.

So back to how it started, I was up in my bedroom hanging out with a close friend of mine. I believe I was crying over that guy (I did it a lot), and I think she finally got sick of it. That is when she told me a guy she knew back in high school and that it would be “the perfect guy” for me.  I believe she then sent him a text message “asking how he was doing? what has he been up too? and of course, if he was single?” Well, sure enough, he messaged her back pretty quickly and let her know that he was certainly single.  She then asked for a couple pictures of me to send to him, and I kid you not that same day Ryan “asked where I lived and if he could meet me?” That night he pulled up in my parent’s driveway, now I can remember this beautiful blue Chevy pick up pull into the driveway. A cute guy, with his wrangler or Levi jeans on a flannel jacket (because it was winter) and some brown cowboy boots came out to introduce himself. He was incredibly shy and staring at me, he didn’t say a whole lot to me but he and my friend were able to talk and she asked him questions for me.  We exchanged phone numbers and that night about 3 hours later I got a text “hey.”  So short and to the point, my husband is still to this day a one word kind of guy when it comes to texting.

This is when we first started dating


Our first date…well.. let’s just say it wasn’t really the best first date or first time together, this date was long and quite awkward. He picked me up from a Christmas party I was having at my parent’s house. I think this may have freaked him out a little bit because of all the cars parked outside and the people everywhere, he stayed in his truck. When I got in his truck, he was super quiet and just would not stop staring at me, I thought I had something on my face. I recently asked him why, why he would not stop staring and he answered me with “I just could not believe a beautiful girl like you, gave me a chance, you were way out of my league!” Anyways.. back to this first date, so he asked me “where do you want to go, and what do you want to do.” We decided on going to see a movie and that was about it, well he let me pick the movie (what a gentleman). I although picked out a horrible movie, it was boring and I could barely stay awake or understand anything.  It was the movie Inception, I only picked it because it had one of my favorite actors in it the dreamy Leonardo Dicaprio.

The first date was over, and Ryan brought me home, being as I was not impressed and had a huge wall I built up from how hurt I was. I am not really sure I even gave Ryan a hug goodbye. I would have to ask him to be sure, I can just remember going up in my room and actually crying. I was still so hung up on this other guy that broke me to pieces, I couldn’t see what a good thing I had in front of me. The months that followed I really didn’t let Ryan in too much. Again I had built this huge wall and he had a lot of climbing before he got to break it down, of course, he eventually did or this story would have absolutely no point. Ryan was very clingy and wanted to spend every moment he could with me, I did not like this at all…that is when I pushed back again and stopped trying to talk to him or answer his calls. He never quit though, he had tons of ambition and heart, and that is what made me fall in love with this handsome country boy.

We started spending more and more time together, and I fell head over heels for him and for his family. I finally was starting somewhere new in my life with someone new, and doing a ton of new things.  I spent days on end with him in his parent’s pole barn just watching him work on his truck, tinker around with a tractor or just anything that day. I would literally just spend hours in there just watching him, staring at him and of course spending time with his parent’s dog. I think I actually fell in love with their dog before I fell for Ryan. I know it sounds horrible but I am a huge dog person, I love animals and normally get along with an animal first before I do a human. The hours for Ryan and I turned into hours, then days and then years.

Ryan and I finally got engaged and had about two years to plan a wedding, I planned all of it on my own with the help of my maid of honor (my sister) of course. But that is for the next blog post, I will tell you all about planning and the wedding day coming soon.

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