The Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter

There is nothing like it, the beauty, the accuracy, everything about this encounter will make you want to tell everyone you know. In a little town in Kentucky, you can visit this place yourself. The ark encounter is so biblically accurate a just so beautiful this will be an encounter you will never forget. You will be wanting to tell your kids, grandkids, and everyone you know for days to come!

What do you think of when you hear about the ark?

When you think about Noah and the ark, what comes to your mind first? Is it the movie Bruce Almighty? Is it something you were taught when you were young? Is it from watching veggie tales? Is it something you have learned in church? Whatever the case may be, knowing why God started the flood, and why he told Noah to build the ark is one of the most important concepts to get. There is so much reality and perception that most don’t get from reading the bible. I know I did not even look at it the way it was explained when visiting this ark encounter. My little sister made a very good point, and well dropped a huge truth bomb when we were heading into the ark. This had me thinking about things, and opening my mind more the entire time, so I wanted to share this with you.

The deep truth

When we first arrived there were birds and stones that had different meanings and writing from the Bible on them. Then as looked at the raven and the dove that was placed in the next section before heading into the ark, that is when my sister said something that stuck with me.  She said “there were two birds that were used by Noah that he had flown away from the ark. The first bird was a raven when you think about a raven they represent death. Meaning this bird was let go into a place and time where there was so much death, a time of mourning. Shortly after that Noah had sent the dove out. Now a dove represents life, there was life on the ark and all that were on it were starting a new life.”  Now thinking about this and then thinking about the flood and what must have been going through Noah and his families minds, brings so much reality into it. Just sit back for a second and think, what would you be thinking about? Would you be wondering about all your other family and friends that were drowning in the water below? Would you be a mess because you were not able to take any of them with you, and knowing you were not going to see them again? I know for me, this would have been so hard to deal with, my mind would have been racing. Whereas I am sure all those on the ark had the same thoughts, although the Bible never tells us that part.

Throughout the ark, it showed you where animals may have stayed and how they were fed and given water. This part was so interesting, there were so many animals, way more animals than people. All that was in the ark was Noah and his wife, their sons, and the son’s wives. Now estimating all these different animals to people, there had to of been 850 animals that one person had to feed and tend to per day. Can you even imagine?? Also, when you think about it too, there was no electricity, so the most sunlight they could get was opening the top part of the ark. This ark had to of been very dark, and full of all these different animals big and small.  You would have had to feed the animals, feed yourself and then also try to get enough sleep to get up and do it all over again.

Is God a cruel God? Is he the reason life isn’t fair?

Do you think God is a cruel God for doing this to his people? I thought so too, then my eyes were opened to the truth, the same God who created us has all the power and right to take that away.  In the beginning, God created the perfect world, he created Adam and Eve from Adam’s rib.  He created perfect humanity, perfect authority through Adam and a perfect marriage for Adam and Eve. Although that did not last long and the fall is what brought the perfect beauty of the world to ruins. It all started when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they abused their God-given abilities and the world became corrupt. They both knew that the consequence of their decision would bring them death, but they chose to do it anyway. Kind of like what we do now, we all know the consequence of not believing in the Lord and not serving him, but we follow our own paths anyways. Genesis four actually describes a lot of what God had given to them and how man eventually spread across the earth but decided they did not want to serve God. This is when God judged the world and created the global flood, to rid of all the evil.

Is it right for God to Judge the whole world? Now, let me ask you this? Has your parent ever told you, I gave birth to you so that means you have to listen to what I say and do what you’re told because I am mom/dad?? Well, why don’t we think about it in that very same way?? God created all living things, which again means he has authority over all things. He gave us life, so why shouldn’t he have the right to take that life away from us? Truly, the fact that God even lets us live at all just shows his compassion and the abundant mercy he has for all of us. He sent his son Jesus to die on the cross so that we all had a way to be saved from our sinful nature and dwell with him eternally in the most beautiful place we could ever imagine! We all have sinned, and we all sin and fall short of God’s glory, just remember that before you cast a stone at the Lord and blame him for the death or circumstances that happen in your life.

The Door/ the only way out!

Finally, as you walk through the ark and read all the information and see all there is to see, you will end with the door. The door that led everyone out of the ark into the new world, into their new start in a world that was also completely new to them.  Now, this door stayed shut the entire event of the flood. This door kept people aboard and all the animals locked in, the only thing keeping them in was this shut door. This door kept out everything, lives were being taken outside of it, the death of all living things was occurring beyond it. Then after the flood, the door was opened again, and life was born again. There is only one door that leads us to God and that is Jesus, he is the only door that will lead us to the truth. One of my favorite bible verses is John 3:16 “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.” This is the second chance that God decided to give us after the flood. He opened the one and only door of this ark, the one and only door that holds a new life for our future, we have that exact chance just like the flood, to let our body and soul die in a cruel world, or to live again by opening the one and only door God has given us for eternal life.  What will you choose??

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