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Stay Golden; Keep that Glow 

I am so excited to share with you all, a new product that was gifted to me that I have been trying. These are all my personal statements and opinions, and I would again never share anything with you all unless I myself really like it. So I want to share some pros and cons and also give you all a great discount code as well.


First, I just want to share a little background about myself, where I am from and well.. my skin. So, I do not tan easily at all. If I got out in the sun, I usually burn so bad that nothing tans, it just peels for days, or I just stay pasty white because I use SPF 70. Anyone else like this?? When I was younger and in high school, college years I would go to the tanning salon, I would pay for the membership, and get all the spray tans. But now, I do not do that anymore, it is just way too expensive and if you know me, I like to get the bang for my buck and find the best deals possible.

What I have done to get a tan

I know most women if not all of us love to have that nice summer glow, the sunkissed tan. Although, not all of us are able to get that beautiful tan because our bodies just won’t allow it, and we have to resort to other methods. For myself these are the products that I have used; Jergens self-tanner, spray tans through several different tanning salons, tanning beds, Sally Hansen self-tanner, Ulta’s tan drops, spray mist facial tanners and bronzing powders within my makeup. Finally, the last one that I just started using and cannot wait to share with you all is the golden star beauty face serum and body serum self-tanners.

Spray Tans and Tanning Salons 

I used to love going to the tanning salon or just getting a spray tan every other week. They look great and they do last a little while, the only thing that really started to bother me was when I looked at the budget and seen how much money I was spending. The spray tans and memberships at a tanning salon can get so expensive and the funds just start to add up. Also, a tanning salon is not the safest way to get that sun-kissed glow, that I wanted. That is when I decided to start trying to DIY (self-tanner) at home tanning options.  The first one I tried was the Jergens glow- although I did like this one and how tan it made me almost instantly.. there were a few things that I did not like. 1) It smells really bad, I do not like the smell. It almost smelled like the smell from a spray tanning booth too. 2) I looked orange! YIKES!! My hands were not the only thing orange, my feet looked orange too. I used a mitt, but somehow it was on my wrist and my feet just didn’t look natural.

Golden Star Beauty

When I first received this, I was very hesitant to use it. There were so many things that I loved though after receiving this product. These again are all my own thoughts and opinions.  There were directions and a pamphlet inside telling me all the do’s and don’ts of applying these serums and tanning options. They even had a little diagram and they came were their own set of gloves. Although, I will say I did not like using the gloves they were too big for my hands, so I bought another mitt to use instead. These are super easy to get and cost under $5 at Ulta.


The pro’s that I found from trying this new self-tanner were;

    • The smell! Oh my goodness, the smell of this is great. It smells like coconut, almost like a coconut lotion from bath and body works. There was not a bad odor to it at all. I have to say this one of my favorite positives about it.
    • I did not turn ORANGE! My feet looked natural and so did my skin, it gave me a natural glow after using it the first few times.
    • Came with directions that were easy to read, and also gave you tips and tricks on how to apply.
    • The product is cruelty-free, vegan, and has no parabens either!


    • This is a little bit pricier than other products I have ever bought before.
    • The tan doesn’t show up right away so you do have to be careful of how much of the product that you do use.


Sorry; I really don’t have anything other than that to say that is bad about this product. I truly do love everything about it.  That is why I had to do a blog post because I think you will all really like it as well. You can order it through amazon prime even and get it within a couple of days and start tanning right away. I think this would be a great product for a bride who is wanting that natural glow and look for her wedding day, for events, and really fo every day. I know I will also be using this in the cold months that we have here in Michigan. Around that time is when I start to loose my (somewhat) tan from the summer and start looking super pale again anyways.

Do you want to try this out for yourself, but you do not want to pay for the full price of it either.

Face Serum

Self Tanner for Body:

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