Shopping On Instagram

Shopping Safely On Instagram;

Instagram; one of the biggest social media platforms out there right now. Have you heard of it?? Are you on there yourself??

Did you read my last post?? That post was about shopping safely online, although now I want to try and help you shop safely while on instagram as well.

Trusting Bloggers;

As a lifestyle blogger myself I post quite a few outfits and links for people to shop and buy things on. There are several other bloggers out there like me as well that do this exact same thing. A lot of us do it as a full time job, and what we earn is based on most of this.

Shopping Small Businesses

When I first started Instagram, I was not very careful about my choices on where I shopped, and I was very gullible. I did not do my research and I trusted everyone.. did this scam me out of a few bucks here and there?? Yes, it most certainly did! That is why I want to again help you so you don’t have to learn from this mistake as I did.

Instagram has many platforms that you can use to shop from the person in which you are following. Also most bloggers are those that you can trust, they try out products that they like and they are not the type to try and scam others.

Let me share a little bit about myself and why I support some of the companies that I do. First of all, I love clothes and supporting small businesses, with that being said you will see smaller boutiques that I share on my page. I have had some small boutiques that did not have good quality clothing, so I never shared them with you. The ones that I do share are outfits, and items that I also think you as a viewer would like.

When it comes to instagram shopping, it can be hard to know if a site is legit or not. Most instagram shops are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, making it hard to see complaints, etc… This is when I will scroll through their Instagram page and see the reviews and what other people say about their items. Also, I go to their page and try to look for reviews.

One of the platforms that small businesses will use on Instagram is Shopify. This is an e-commerce platform that allows them to start, grow and manage their business. This is said to be one of the best platforms out there, and has a nice security system for shoppers. Refer back to my last post (Being Safe While Shopping Online) to learn how you can shop safely on these sites.

Shopable Apps That Are Safe For You To Shop On;

Bloggers on instagram are called influencers, as an influencer we want the very best for our following. My followers are very important to me, and I try to get to know every one of them. I see them all as social media friends, I know that sounds super cheesy, but it is truly how I feel. I am sure there is several other bloggers who feel the same way.

The Liketoknowit app is a platform that influencers use to help others be able to purchase and buy right from their clothing links. For example; you like a picture on instagram, but more importantly you love the boots she is wearing. By clicking her profile you can hit the link and shop at no extra cost to you. An easier way to purchase then searching for them all over the internet.

The 21buttons app; this also does the same thing. You can follow all kinds of bloggers and influencers and shop some of the favorite styles you like from them. For example; I posted a bikini I bought on amazon. I then tagged the link in the picture that I posted and others were able to find this swimsuit a lot easier than trying to search for it all over amazon.

Finally, as a blogger and influencer all we try to do for our followers is make things easier for them. We put in the work to find the links, attach those links and find the latest and greatest products for our followers. This can be time consuming for a lot of us, but we want to save you the time and hassle.


Thank you for reading; if you would like to follow me and my styles. Click the Instagram link to follow on the right side of the page.

download the 21buttons app and look up k_colburn19 and you will be able to see what I mean about being able to shop all kinds of other bloggers links as well.



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