Saying “YES to the dress!”

Say YES to the DRESS

As a new bride, finding the perfect wedding dress can be so hard! I had no idea what to even do when it came to dress shopping and now I kind of do haha. So I want to tell you all the Do’s and Dont’s of shopping for a wedding dress, and who you may want to think about bringing with you. I messed up so bad and will regret it for the rest of my life. Let me tell you a quick little story… So.. I did not plan any certain day to go wedding dress shopping. This was actually a spur of the moment trip. My mom, sister and I were all driving around in the car running some errands and noticed that our local David’s Bridal was basically an empty lot.. and well on a weekend here that NEVER happens. So we went in, not thinking I would find the dress for me, just trying on some to get some ideas. Well.. the third dress, my mom started crying, I teared up and the girl that was helping (the saleswoman) she actually started tearing up too and then she said, “this is the dress, Kayla, you look beautiful.” So, the price was right as well, my mom called my dad told him the price and his words were “yes! get it.” My dress was only like $300 so he couldn’t believe I found something I liked at that price. Anyways, went off on a tangent, so sorry. The main thing I regretted was not having another very important person in my life there with me to see the dress, (my mother in law). To this day it still breaks my heart, so many mistakes and so many things I could have done differently. I say this because I want to help you and make sure you know you have all the people you want there with you when that time comes.

Finding the perfect style for you:

When it comes to finding that perfect wedding dress as I said again it can be hard. I still wish I would have tried on more myself. This is actually what I did, I searched online and on Pinterest for hours/days actually. Then I saved them all to a board called “My wedding day” or something like that. Just seeing what certain styles I like, then what style may look good on me. Having all those ideas will help too when going into the bridal store or shop that you choose.

Bridal Store Try On:

You have now found that perfect bridal store, set up an appointment and have all the people you want there. It is time to try on some dresses, you can go around and look and even show the salesperson some pictures and ideas of dresses that you have. They will then measure you to try and get the best size, now just a little tip (where the right kind of bra and underwear) this will help when trying on the dress. Even having the bra you want to wear for the wedding day might be a good idea too, unless you are sewing the cups into the dress.  My tips and some that have learned from others when at the bridal store.

    • Go in the store with a budget in mind– dresses will all vary in price.
    • Pick out at least 5 different styles to try on, more if you need more ideas.
    • Have your hair and makeup done; I think this should be done when trying on clothes too. Most of the time you feel your greatest when you look your best right??
    • Do not be upset or sad if you have to get the dress altered, this happens.
    • All of us have a certain style that we like, but going in with that expectation may upset you, so don’t.
      • I wanted a lace dress, with lace sleeves and ended up with an A-line heart strapless, very casual dress. I will show some pictures at the bottom.
    • Not all dresses come with trains. If you want a long train to go with your dress, you can get that put on and bustle it up. (Having a way to bustle it will help you at the reception)
    • Make sure you are comfortable in the dress, you will be wearing this all day and night. If you don’t love it and aren’t comfy in it, DONT get it.
    • Remember this is your wedding, what you want. Not what everyone else wants… but still listen to their advice and don’t get bridezilla on your family and friends about it. You do know what you want and I get that, but sometimes having another opinion really helps.

Before and After Of My Dress 

This was the before of my dress when I tried it on for the first time in at David’s Bridal.

These are all the afters, I had a veil made for me by my aunt. Then I purchased a mossy oak camouflage train to add to the dress. I still kept the main casual look of it, but by adding some other things, I put my own touch to it. everyone that was at our wedding said this dress was totally me, and that it was very unique.

Put your own touch and spin on it, it is your day and no one elses, always remember that.

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