Next Steps For The House

There were several steps that we took into creating our dream home, my husband did such an excellent job and him and my father in law did the remodel on their own. Taking several months to finish and most of you know when you own a home, the house is never finished, but where we were at the beginning and where we are now, this house is finally our home.

Our living room was another big process for us, the stairs were not to code and the front window was oversize, full of mold and needed a lot of TLC. Well come to think of it, the whole entire house needed a lot of TLC.

I do not have the complete

We ripped up the carpet, replaced the windows, cleaned up the walls, added a new ceiling fan and light fixtures.  We also made sure to take the 1970’s railing out of there and built a wall up to close off the view to the steps.

Although it is not perfect, there is stuff on the ground and on the coffee table but we do live here, and like I said we have made it home.

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