Living Life to The Full Under Quarantine


Who said life under quarantine can’t be fun or time to just relax even? I know this is such a hard time for many people so I, first of all, want to say this. “Out of all this evil, the Lord will make something great come out of it” Keep your faith and trust in him, the Lord hears our cries he knows our thoughts and he knows what tomorrow is for us. Let us remember the Bible verse, ” Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:33-34)

When You Are Already Quarantined:

Soo.. for myself I have been basically quarantined for 5 years. I can’t even tell you if I remember the last time I have even driven a car. Due to health conditions that I am open about on my Instagram I just cannot do everything the average person does. So, I sit at home every day unless someone comes to my house to pick me up or hang out with me or if my amazing hubby brings me somewhere too. I have a friend that will come over and we will play games at least once a week. So it has been a little different not being able to go out at all or do anything but these are some of the things that I do on a daily basis.

Daily Routine:

      • I normally have to get up and do my medications right away. Then I either go lay back in bed or try and do a workout.
      • Sing worship songs; or singing period. I am always singing lol
        • Hillsong
        • Lauren Daigle
        • Leland (waymaker) this is one of my favorites right now. Puts everything into perspective.
        • Elevation Worship
        • Misty Edwards
        • Jesus Culture
      • I do a lot for my blog and spend time researching things; if you are a blogger this is always a good idea. Reach out to other bloggers, research as much as possible, and write down new ideas that you might have for the blog.
      • I edit all my pictures for the week either Sunday or Monday just depends on what I am doing
      • I write out my captions and when I think of something new or the lord brings something on my heart to talk about, I write that down too.
      • I reach out to companies and write a list of the goal companies that I want to work with
      • Going through my emails getting rid of the spam and putting others in folders
      • Spend time with my dog! I love my dog and him and I are together everyday I probably couldn’t make it through every day without my little man
      • teaching myself to play the piano and write music again. I have tons and tons of songs that I have written but I struggle with getting the music to them. I would love to get one of my songs out into the world one day.
      • Watch Netflix, Disney + or Hulu
      • sleep

Spend This Time:

      • Praying, the lord is with you always! It is so easy to be scared and anxious and praying always helps me from that anxiety
      • Listen to music; find some new songs that you might like. Listen to old classic songs; me I have been listening to 90’s pop. Hanson, Christina, Brittney, Backstreet Boys, NSync, oh so many good ones. Brings back some memories that’s for sure. Then I also love classic country, and I am talking real country; Want a good playlist
        • Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Tanya Tucker, Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette, Don Williams, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash. : just to name a few good artist.
      • With your family and your loved ones, take this time to realize how small and fragile life is. We are not promised a second here on earth. Show someone how much you love and care about them. Go out of your way to bring them something (not go inside right now, maybe just drop it off on their porch). Call a family member. Parents, use this time to spend with your kids, learn new things about them. Tell them stories about when you were younger, reminisce on special moments together
      • Get out the old family videos and watch those with the family or yourself. This is something I have done time and time again
      • Find a new book to read
      • Start a new devotional or study: take this time to experience more of the lord and count every blessing you have been given.
      • try to learn an instrument, for myself I am trying to teach myself to play piano and write music again.
      • Write a book- yes this one is huge I get that, but maybe you have something to say that you don’t realize could be so beneficial for someone else.
      • A lot of people are making videos on Tik-Tok and so many people are watching right now so now is your time to shine if you got a talent you want to share. otherwise there are a lot of fun dances on there. Learn a new dance
      • Find great sales and go online shopping or add some cute clothes to a list to buy later.


      • Organize a spot in your house. Start with one place and work your way through.
      • My husband and I cleaned our entire basement and was also able to get rid of some stuff to sell too.
      • Organize your closet and donate those clothes you never wear anymore
      • Clean your house
      • Organize your jewelry box
      • Re-arrange a certain room in your house
      • Hang up pictures you have been meaning to get to and hang up

Watch Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Disney +

        • Okay, so these are some of the shows and movies.
          • Amazon (Prime Video)
            • The Hunters (So I will say this one is a little weird, but also interesting)
            • Fortitude (If you like suspense, but also like zombie-like shows this one is for you. I actually freaked out and couldn’t watch it anymore.
            • Deadwood
            • Megan Leavey (this is a really good movie about a soldier and her dog) If you want one that will just make you cry or bring joy to your day this is it.
            • Goliath: Do you like the lawyer type of shows. This is about a lawyer taking a case that will keep you guessing what will happen next.
            • Mud
            • Instant Family
          • Netflix
            • Outerbanks: this one is new and I tell you what, my husband and I watched the entire season in one day. Yes, it is that good and that addicting! If you like Dawsons Creek or shows with a group of friends you will love this one.
            • Tiger King: So we are only on episode 3 but after watching we got hooked to the drama and all the cute tigers especially the baby cubs.
            • New Girl
            • Workin Moms
            • Longmire
            • Schitt’s Creek
            • Virgin River
            • Shameless
            • Better Call Saul
            • Jane the Virgin
            • Mad Men
            • The Ranch
            • Young and Hungry
            • No Good Nick
            • Gossip Girl
            • Dead to Me
            • The Irishman
            • Riverdale
            • Bad Blood
            • Hell On Wheels
            • BloodLine
            • Spinning Out
            • 13 reasons why
            • Dirty John
            • Dumplin
            • Wine Country
            • You
            • Cuckoo
            • Holly Star
          • Hulu
            • Little fires everywhere: Any Reese Witherspoon fans? This show Oh I am very addicted. Hahaha, I guess I get that way with a lot of shows. Anyways, this one had me hooked after the first episode. It is about a wealthy family living in Ohio and has some incredible actors in it.
            • Greys Anatomy¬†
            • Station 19
            • This is Us
            • The Resident
            • Hell’s Kitchen
            • Letterkenny
            • Outsiders
            • Modern Family
            • 9-1-1
            • Prodigal Son
            • A simple favor
            • Band Of Brothers
            • Grace Unplugged
            • Catch 22
            • The pacific
            • Isn’t it romantic
          • Disney +
            • There is a new Disney sing-along that is so much fun. I don’t have kids but if you do I am sure you will all love singing and seeing the actors from the movies sing it with you.
            • Lizzie McGuire, Frozen 1 and 2, Moana, Tangled, That’s So Raven, Austin, and Ally, Zenon, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin ¬†(all those classic Disney movies are on this app)


If you have any other ideas or you do any of the following I would love to hear about it. You can comment here or you can DM me on my Instagram. I always answer all my messages and truly love hearing from you all. Also, stay tuned for my next post with all my stuck inside activities and clothes to shop from.

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