Finding the perfect gift for the someone that is hard to shop for

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Trying to find that perfect gift 

Yes, we all have that “certain” person, whether they are in our family or group of friends. We all have that someone that is just soo hard to shop for. They either have everything, they are picky or they just don’t show appreciation for anything you gift them so you don’t want to buy them anything anyways. Raise your hands, I know at least some of you are with me on this?! And if you are?? Keep reading because I have been working on trying to come up with this list for quite a while now for those hard to gifters.. (is that even a word lol? Sorry, this is the best word I could think of to describe these people. Anyways, here goes nothing…

Gift them a trip 

Okay, yes I know we don’t all have the money to do this, and when I say gift a trip I don’t mean pay for every single thing. Maybe you can do a joint gift with a significant other and you can do a trip together. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagent.. unless you want it to be… That one is totally up to you. You could plan a little getaway that is a few hours from your house. You could plan a camping trip, or just really anything. Then, you could go big if you wanted to and plan something out of the country or a cruise. Actually, this time of year you can find some pretty good deals on airlines and cruise ships. As well as the all-inclusive resorts.. etc. I know our family has used apple vacations or even Groupon. (No I am in no way affiliated with them, just have used them in the past.)

Spa Day or Spa Treatment 

These can be very helpful for those moms that have just had it up to their neck in stress this holiday season. But, it also doesn’t have to be for moms, the holidays can be stressful for everyone. This is when finding a nice spa or even getting a gift card to a salon or spa is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive either, you can gift them anywhere from $20-$100. Never feel like you aren’t gifting them enough.. because the gift itself does count. I have found actually again some great vouchers through Groupon. If you do not know what that is, it is an app and a website so you can just go to the website or download the app to your phone.  Also, you can search online at different hair companies and salons and search out their deals. They normally post them or try to advertise them on social media as well as their sites.

Gift Card To Favorite Restaurant 

This has come in handy so many times for my husband and I in the past when giving gifts. This can be helpful for inlaws, grandparents, family, and friends. I mean who doesn’t like to go out to eat? Or have a date night with a significant other or friends every once in a while? I know I absolutely love getting gift cards when it comes to my favorite restaurants because these are used so the husband and I can have a date night and not worry about how much each food item costs.

For Her 

When it comes to shopping for a woman, I usually try to do a gift that they want or have asked for, then put together a couple of odds and ends side gifts. I will shop at Ulta which they still have sales going on… Yay! Then, I will get like chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.. just put it in a little gift bag for them. I also do this with bath and body works, when they have their sales and they still have some, I will do like a spa set that I make myself with some of their products. This could be a lotion, shower gel, hand sanitizer, and a nice smelling candle. Another great app that I like to use is Jane. They have all kinds of cute items and you might even find a couple of things for yourself.. oops. Guess what, they also have FREE SHIPPING right now eek! Here are some of my favorites, that I also think you will all love.

The MFK collection purse and wallet: This is so cute, and such a great price.

Muk Luks-Slipper Socks: When it comes to being cold in the winter, I love being able to throw on these socks to keep my feet warm. She will love them too, there are many different varieties and they last a long time.

Aromatherapy-spa shower set: This looks amazing!! It is a whole set of aromatherapy that you can use while you’re in the shower. A nice calm smelling shower.. count me in.

Velour Leggings: Leggings are so comfortable whether she wears them working out or just to be comfy these are a perfect price.

CC Slouchy Beanie: These beanies are so soft and fit any head shape. I have so many pairs of them. They come in a variety of colors.

Earrings: A pair of earrings that are hypoallergenic make for a great gift as well.

Buffalo Plaid Clutch: Clutches and the buffalo plaid style is all the rage right now.

Winter Distressed Hat Collection: A ball cap that comes in 10 different styles.

Fashion Scrunchies: Scrunchies are back and I am taking it all in. I love how they don’t put indents in my hair and that they are making a cute fashion statement as well.

Customized skinny can koozies: There are so many cute styles. Does she like camping, drinking?? They got a custom koozie for that.

Monogram Scarves: There are 10 different patterns that you can get their monogram on.

Key Ring Id Wallets: Don’t want to bring in a purse to wherever you’re going but need your keys, these work out great. Bring your id and your card and not have to worry about losing your purse in the club or bar.

Plaid Sherpa Pullover: Well, she will love this. I know I own so many sherpas, can never get enough! They are not only warm but look great too!

CANDLES! Women love candles and did you know you can go into Yankee candle and have them place a picture and do some wording on it for a more personalized gift.

I also have a personalized gift list on my personal Amazon shop page here

For Him

When it comes to shopping for the guys, this I do struggle with. I used to have a hard time with boyfriends, guy friends, cousins, my dad, my brother in law, father in law and yes my husband. Guys can just be so hard to shop for. They either don’t tell you anything they want, or the name of big toy items. Am I right ladies?! Like, mine wanted a side by side one year, and a new truck. Well, he did get both of those, haha but not for Christmas. Anyways, this year he was saying that he wanted a gun (another one). Well, while that is fine and dandy… I have no idea how I can get him the gun so I told him this time he might just have to buy his own gift.

Here are some ideas though, that I have found useful for other guys I have had to shop for in the past. I put a list together on my personalized amazon shop page here  

Sometimes it is best to pay attention during the year too. Like what kind of sports are they into? What type of clothing do they like to wear? Did you go to their house and see something that you think might be useful?? Did they just get a new toy, and do they need any new gear for it? Such as a dirtbike, snowmobile, side by side, etc…

Columbia Fleece Vest:

Magnetic Wristband:

Star Wars Graphic Tees:

Muk Luks- Slippers:

Funny Hunting Tee’s:

Everyday Sunglasses 

Columbia Half Snap jacket/pullover:

Personalized Leather Keychain:

Wireless Rotary Shaver: 

Also, when all else fails to get them a gift card: to a sports store, fast food restaurant that they could go to on their lunch break, or Cabelas/ Basspro always seems to be a good one for my husband.

For Them

Now when it comes to a “for them” gift whether they live together, married, engaged, dating… whatever the circumstances maybe you most of the time spend more money on these types of gifts. Some good ones to think of could be;

  • A new piece of furniture for one of their living rooms or basement.
  • A new  t.v
  • You could get them concert tickets to both of their favorite bands.
  • You could buy them a nice 1-3 day stay in a resort, hotel, or just a getaway destination somewhere
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant.
  • a movie bucket; if they like to watch movies- with movie gift cards, candy and such. : this is a gift that actually goes well for the younger crowd.
  • give them money
  • Help them pay off some debt or bills: let’s face it when it comes to being in debt most of us that are in our late 20’s, the ’30s, 40’s, etc have some debt accumulated, or at least have bills that we are still paying. What a nice way to help them not have to worry about paying that next bill and be able to enjoy the holidays.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you all enjoyed it and this will help assist you in your holiday gifting. If you have any suggestions or if there is something I missed, leave a comment below. I would love to know 🙂 


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