Did Someone Just Say Game Day??

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Did I hear you say you want to have a game day? No, I am not talking about a super bowl party or anything like that. I am talking about getting friends together playing cards, board games, hanging outside and playing corn hole toss. Just relaxing and spending time with each other, but also being able to have a competitive side too. Just don’t get too competitive and make it turn into that movie Game night. Although, yes it is a very good movie, there are ways to have fun without the murder and kidnapping part right? So, with that being said down below I put together a list of some of my favorite games that I think you will enjoy and play over and over again on your next game nights with family and friends.  Also, a lot of these games are perfect for a pool day or cook out events as well.


This is one card game that will never get old! This game can last anywhere from several minutes to hours. Fun for the whole family.

This is also a card game that will never get old and can be played over and over again.

  Get a big group of people together, or just a couple no matter the amount this game is like Apples to Apples in a whole other way. The one thing I will say is not to play this around kids… it can be a little raunchy at times.

 How well can you read someone’s lips?? This game can get very interesting quite quickly. You could be trying to read to someone that “you peed in the pool” and they could think you said, “shirts aren’t cool.”  That is just one example there is a never-ending variety of what you can hear come out of peoples mouths.  Perfect for a game night and family get-togethers.

 A game with a twist. This game is also a hilarious game that can be fun with just two people or a whole group of people. I will suggest if you get this game to get extra mouthpieces because it will be a game that you will want to play with more than just one group of people.

 A classic game that is fun for everyone! You have cards in your hand, but how fast can you discard them all? Once you get that one remaining card be sure to yell “UNO”. This does not always mean you will win the game however, there are several other cards that can be played by other players that could have you going from one card left, to four or more in your hand.  Fast, and fun for everyone in your family.

  Dutch Blitz is a very fast-paced game that is sure to get your mind running full force. This game is fun for everyone and is also one that is easy to learn.  I have been able to teach several people in a day, in a matter of minutes from playing one hand they understand it and want to buy it themselves.

The upgraded version of the classic uno game. Will you get just one card or 10 cards when you press the button? You could be at uno and back at having your whole hand full in a matter of seconds.

 Now with social media and memes being all the rage these days, you will love this game. Do you think you have what it takes to put together the best meme in the group?

A fast-paced dice game that brings a whole new meaning to the game Yahtzee and can get addictive pretty quickly once you get the hang of it.

  How well do you know the bible?? Just wait and see when you play this game with family and friends. You also will learn a lot if you don’t know that much either.


 Now, who doesn’t love Disney?? I am a huge Disney fan and have all the Disney Scene it? games. This one is one of my favorites and can be another one that is super fun for the whole family.

 Last, but probably one of the best in this game. I am not sure about any of you but F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is one of my all-time favorite shows to watch. This is one where I quote things from it in my daily life and can watch back to back and never get sick of it.  Do you think you could answer all the questions from every episode of this show?? Are you a huge fan?? This game is definitely for you!

What is a Sunday without some fun right? Today I did not play any fun games but on Thursday I did enjoy playing Hearing things and had a blast with a friend of mine. She told me “she needed that game, it was so much fun”! I even played it at a family Christmas get together and we all were laughing so hard my ab’s hurt when I woke up the next morning.


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