Changing Water Into Wine In Our Lives

Today, I read a story in the bible that talked about Jesus turning water into wine. Now I am sure at one time or another we all have heard this story, or someone has made a remark about Jesus turning water into wine.. walking on water and what not.

Anyways, today I read John 2, but this time instead of just skimming through it, because I already know the story and I have heard it myself before. I actually read it a few times and really want to tell you all what I think of it and just tell you how incredible this story really is!!

The beginning of John 2 is a beautiful event, that all of us have gone too at one point or another in our lives. There was a wedding taking place and I can just picture it in my head, a beautiful bride and groom celebrating the love that they had for one another. This wedding took place at Cana in Galilee,  now Cana is not mentioned very much in the bible from what I can remember but it is said to lay west of the Sea of Galilee. So when I picture this wedding, I just picture it in a beautiful place, maybe even somewhere on the beach. A beautiful celebration of all the people that they wanted there, they invited Jesus, his mother and all of Jesus disciples. Then all of a sudden a panic sets in, this party runs out of wine, now even back in this time of age running out of something made the family look bad. My Bible told me at the bottom that running out of wine in a Jewish wedding brought dishonor to the family of the bride and the groom. This means that they did not do a well enough job of providing for all the guests that they should have for the wedding.

In verse 3 of John 2, you can just tell that the panic has set in for Jesus’s mother “They have no more wine.” Then Jesus response is that of what I would say a typical teenage-early 20’s boy.. but I am not sure because I was truly never good about figuring out what age he was at all throughout the bible without it telling me. Anyways he responds by saying “Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.”  I think at this point she already knew that her son would do something though and she was so worried for this poor family. That is when Jesus had the servants fill water jars, and this part still hit me as I was reading it. Just imagining how heavy these things must have been for the servants to carry, in all there were six stone water jars that held anywhere from 20 to 30 gallons. I myself can barely pick up a gallon jug of milk so I can not imagine how heavy this must have been for the servants when they were told by Jesus to “Fill the jars with water” and they filled them all the way up to the very brim.

The water was then taken to the master of the banquet, which I believe is like what we have now as well when we have our master of ceremonies, he was probably the guy that was in charge of holding the wedding together. When this man drank from the water he then noticed that the water was turned into wine and the wedding that could have just had a ton of drama and a lot of people panicking was probably right back to normal because no one even knew who did it. Also, it does not even tell you how it happened? When did it happen? How Jesus even pulled it off to bring all this wine to the people?

Finally, that brings me to the biggest sign that I wrote down for this story. Yes, it was a beautiful event, and yes it talks about turning water into wine for a party. Although I really think we can look at it from another way, we look at it as there are miracles like this that happen to people every day. How do those miracles happen and why do they happen? We really don’t know, we just know as Christ followers when we are obedient and listen to what the Lord has for us, miracles do happen. I mean come on, if you were one of these servants and Jesus asked you to go and fill all these jars with water so that there could be wine for all the people at this party, wouldn’t you be a little skeptical? Even as I read it, I was just thinking to myself, these servants must have thought Jesus was crazy?! But, then you continue to read and these servants did exactly what they were told to do, they were obedient to Jesus and I think that is probably what showed the Lord to help them turn this water into wine. When we are obedient and listen to God’s word even if it seems so incredibly crazy and we think to ourselves “Oh my good Lord, what in the world are these people going to think of me? Are you positive you really want me to do this?” In the obedience that we show to him and the persistence of faith that we have without doubting what God has in store miracles happen from that obedience. Miracles may be hiding for you and you may have tons of doubt (don’t we all at times), but the biggest thing I think we need to remember from this story is that being Christ followers, following the steps that Jesus has for us brings us new miracles every day.  The Lord has great things in store for our lives, if he can turn water into wine, just imagine the miracles he can do in your life today.

So, all in all, I really want you to think about this story maybe even go read it yourself it is all of John 2, and it is actually a shorter one from the bible but it is so worth it. See what the Lord shows you and what perspective you may get from this reading. God is revealing how incredible he is and his Glory for us every day and believing in him is our first step towards faith!

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