Camping 101

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Camping, the great outdoors, it can be so calming, peaceful and a great time to spend with friends and family. This past weekend I spent some time with mine in Irons, Michigan at a quaint little campground just outside of town. Now, I don’t know about any of you but I absolutely love camping. I also haven’t been camping in some time and with that being said, I forgot a lot of items that really help make camping more relaxing. I am by no means an expert, although having a lot of these items would have been a big help.

Camping Gear

Having certain camping gear and items makes for a great camping trip. These items are 4 and 5 stars rated items that will be sure to last for your next several camping trips.

Cooking Gear

Cook some eggs, bacon, pancakes, and make some coffee all in one.


Having the right food items also can make camping a lot easier too, not only easier but more affordable. When nothing works, or you don’t have enough food. You then have to resort to eating out, and well… that can just get expensive.

A camping trip isn’t a camping trip without smores! Now, this pack lets you also get your chocolate fix as well as have a s’more with the Hersheys bar and Reese’s cups. Yes, I did say Reese’s cups. Have you ever put Reese’s cup on your s’more?? If you haven’t I suggest you try it, I promise you won’t regret it. I have to tell ya, I am hooked!

Defend yourself against those pesky animals and the sun

Top Cooler choices

When it comes to coolers, most of the time it is all a matter of a opinion. Yeti is one that is all the rage and very popular right now, this cooler keeps your stuff cold and takes forever for the ice to melt. The Artic, Coleman, Bulldog and the Titan are all good brands to take on your camping trip or any trip.  All have a 4 and 5-star rating on their sites, with impeccable reviews, again a lot of it is opinion. There are also several color choices to choose from, I know I myself love the mint and coral color of the Yeti.

Indoor Essentials

Whether you are in a camper or a tent, most beds in a camper are not very comfortable, and let’s face it neither is a tent.  By laying an egg crate or an air mattress on top of the bed, you can add just a little more comfortable for your sleep.


Outdoor Essentials

Campfire Accessories

Now, when I am camping I love having all these necessary campfire accessories! The one that I like the most is the poker sticks, these extend out when you want to use them on the fire. Then when you are completely done using them you can make them shorter, they can easily fit in a drawer or a cupboard, giving you the extra available space you may need for something else.

Bathroom Items

This is definitely something I wish I had when I just went camping. A bathroom bag is a must, just to have all my stuff sorted out, so I am not throwing everything all over the camper trying to find my brush. Now, there are so many different cute bags to choose from and I know camping you are not supposed to worry about your hair, makeup, all of that. Although you never know when you will leave the campsite and go out to dinner, you want to at least look somewhat presentable for that (at least with how I am, I know I would).

Camping Games

When you are sitting around at the campground, and it is just one of those days where you don’t want to go out and about. The best thing to do is to bring some yard games or card games to play. I have played all of these myself and with a group of people or even just a few people, you are sure to have a blast.

Miscellaneous Essentials-

You never know when you might not have electric or your electric hookups may stop working. What better way than to have a backup powered battery to be able to charge your phone.  Also, when camping you might want to kayak, swim in the lake/pool, buying this clear case will help protect your phone from getting any water damage. The case is also clear on both sides, so you are able to take calls, see your messages, pictures, etc..

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