Being Safe While Shopping Online

Being Safe While Shopping Online

I absolutely love shopping, although when it comes down to it, sometimes going to the store can be so exhausting. This is one reason why I absolutely love to shop online, well.. you know what I will give you three of my top reasons;

  1. Shopping online is more convenient at times then having to drive to a store
  2. It’s easier to find better deals and coupon codes online
  3. Having something shipped to my house, and dropped at my doorstep, is also more convenient for me.
  4. Some stores only have an online shop, or they are far away. For example; a boutique I really like is in North Carolina somewhere I believe…  I live in Michigan, so shopping online is more realistic for me than driving several hours away.

Tips For Being Safe While Shopping Online;

When shopping online it can be so hard to know who is true, and who is ready to just scam you out of a ton of money. I have been scammed a few times, and I would never want this to happen to any of you. I am by no means an expert at any of this, but I am going to tell you some things that I have learned and what has helped me.

When shopping online, I always look to make sure they have a secured website. You can tell by actually looking at the top of my page. See how where my website is, there is a lock in front of the website name? That is one indication that a site is secure.

Also, another thing to look for when on a new site is spelling. If you see a lot of these type of errors, its likely not a safe website. On some sites, if you click their “contact” or “about us” links, they

show barely any information and there is no way to tell, what state/ country they are located. This is another big sign that keeps me away from on these sites.

Now, with instagram shopping, it’s a little bit harder to tell if the company is legit or if it is another person just trying to scam you out of your money. I’ll have another post on that next week for you all.

More Tips to Online Shopping;

Get a VISA Gift card and pay online with that rather than using your usual debit or credit card. That way if you don’t want to risk the site getting your credit card information, you don’t have too. There are some Gift cards that you are also use as a credit card and you can refill them or put as much money on them as you want. One benefit of doing this is allowing yourself a budget so you don’t spend more than you want on all those cute clothes, shoes, etc that you find online. Consider putting a set amount on the card each month and using only that money for online shopping.

Set up a PayPal account; I have never had a problem with PayPal, although you must remember that not all online stores provide the option for you to use it.

Read the Policies;

Reading the disclosure and their privacy policies can also be very important. Did you know some online stores share your information with third parties? I did not, not until I read through the 12 pages of a privacy policy while I was shopping and saw that they would be sharing all my information with third parties. Yes, it literally said ALL my information. I was a bit confused by this, and immediately began researching online. I found that  yes, a lot of companies do this. They can make money with third parties for giving out your information.

We all know safety important when it comes to doing a lot of things online. People get scammed out of money on a daily basis, not just while shopping, but on dating sites and other forms of social media as well. It happens, but finding safer ways to deal with this and keeping those scammers away from you is your best option when using the Internet.

Supporting Small Businesses online;

As a small business owner myself, I always try to support every small business that I can.  I have shopped online through various boutiques, some that a lot of people have never even heard of. This can sometimes make things difficult though, to know how good they are, especially when they are just starting out and don’t have any reviews. We have all been there. We all have to start somewhere, and that is one of the main reasons why I try to support every small business that I can.

Support bloggers; Most of us bloggers spend time looking at different businesses and trying to get the best quality we can for our followers. If we don’t like it, why would we share it and show it to you?? I mean this is something I would never do, it is like the golden rule “treat others the way you want to be treated.” I say, “don’t try to sell a product to someone that you yourself would never use.” Makes sense doesn’t it?? This is also something I have in my next blog post.

To sum it all up, just watch for these small things when you are online. The small things could end up being big things. I am not sure if your parents have ever said that to you guys when you were young, but mine did.

Stay tuned next week to read about my instagram post of shopping online and what to look out for there.




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