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Happy New Year 2020

Hey everyone!! I am so happy you are reading this, and cannot thank you enough for following along with the blog. I am not sure I have said it enough so I will say it again, it truly means the world to me that I have all of your support. I also hope you are all having such a fantastic new year so far. The year 2020 is the year, the year for goals to be hit, to accomplish everything you set your mind to! YOu got this!

Animal Prints

Soo… I have to write a blog post on Animal Prints because you all totally loved the cow print look that I posted on my Instagram. Now, if you know me, I am all about COWS! Like my entire house is something with a cow, whether it be cowhide print or a painting, etc.. I have always been, they have been my favorite animal forever and I am so glad that more things cow are coming out on the market.

Check out some cute items I found that I know you will enjoy: I had to order quite a few of them for myself because I am OBSESSED!

Shop All Things Cow Print! 


So many cute items and I found even more that I linked for you on my personal amazon page. You can shop that by clicking here… who doesn’t love Amazon? I mean come on prime and 2-day shipping, you could get a closet staple piece in no time!

I would love to hear what type of animal print is your favorite? Did you like any of these cow ones? I know for myself I have never been into the snakeskin print, leopard, cheetah, etc. But anything cow, sign me up 🙂

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