A Real Fixer- Upper

Hello everyone! So yesterday was national nap day, so I spent the whole day in bed reading my journal and trying to decide what post I was going to go with this week.

My husband and I have been reminiscing for a while and talking about where our house first was when we bought it until now. Although it is not completely done yet and most people that own their house know that there is always another project around the corner. So today I am going to just post some before and after pictures and the story behind buying our house we have made into a home.

In 2014 Ryan and I got married and wanted a place to settle down with our dog that would be our own. Something we didn’t have to rent from a landlord anymore and where we could play by our own rules. Most importantly we wanted to live somewhere back in the country and on some land. That is exactly what we found too, a fixer-upper that became a big project that was very well worth it.  The house we live in now is the one he went to go look at without me… I might add. Then I got to go the next time and I kind of wish he wouldn’t have shown me it. My husband saw all kinds of potential in this house. I, on the other hand, was scared to death, the basement was disgusting (to say the least) and the house was lived in but never had any upkeep or was never really taken care of.  We talked about and I prayed about it and we decided that this is where God was leading us. The next day we put an offer on the home, I continued to pray more. If this is where God wanted us and it was his will to have the man accept the offer. Well, folks.. he did and this is where we live now.

Additionally, if you are thinking now its time to venture out and buy a home that needs a lot or a little work. A fixer-upper isn’t all that bad and putting your own heart and soul into it makes it become more like home every day.


The pictures that I want to show you today are of the kitchen.


These are the before photos. The cupboards had mice feces and one dead mouse. There were cobwebs, all kinds of dirt and yuck, broken cabinet doors etc… But with a little TLC and my husband and father in law doing an incredible job, I got one of my dream kitchens.


We replaced the cabinet’s, the countertop, added new stainless steel appliances and vinyl plank flooring to make the kitchen you see here. Now, these are only some pictures of the first step we took to building our dream home! I cannot wait to show you more in the days to come.



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