5 Years Of Marriage “I Do”

“I Do” 

On September 6, 2014, I said “I do” and began my future with my Husband Ryan, although to say we have had an easy start to our marriage would be completely false. To say marriage is easy would be completely false. In honor of our anniversary though, I wanted to go through telling mine and Ryans story as well as answer some of the questions you wrote in for me on my Instagram.

Our Story

Ryan and I met on a cold day here in Michigan, I believe it was around November 2010, but I am so bad at dates so don’t quote me on it… Anyways, I was playing cards with a friend of mine when she said she had a friend that she thought would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for me. At the time I truly was not looking for ANYONE. Just had a bad breakup, getting over my first real heartbreak from a guy I thought I would marry… being a young girl not knowing what was going to happen next. Anyways, haha sorry to get off track there. My mind does that sometimes, like the movie “UP” you say “squirrel and I am immediately distracted… Okay, so the friend of mine texted Ryan and asked him “if he was single?” Ryan said yes, and I guess he was in his college class at the time. She then told me I had to send her some pictures, and she sent a couple to him. Well, he asked where I lived and said he wanted to meet me. It wasn’t even a few hours later, that this handsome man of mine pulled in my parent’s driveway in his Blue Chevy Pickup Truck. I LOVED his truck!! We got to talking, he asked for my number and then he went home. Now, I was from a different high school than him, and we were actually rivalries, but that’s fine right?? That night Ryan started texting me, it was like a few hours later. We got to talking and he finally asked me out on a date. Soo, I again did not want a boyfriend, I was happy being a 20-year-old single girl. I was having fun just being single for once in my life, but I was very sad. So it was nice talking to him. On December 18, 2010, Ryan came and picked me up for our first date. He was a very shy guy, he took me to see a movie, he never touched me though. He was very fidgety and again very shy, he didn’t talk much either and well most people that know me to know that I don’t like silence. I have to start talking if it gets to silent. Although later after the movie, I found out why he was so anxious, he wanted a cigarette and my friend told him I didn’t like smokers. Soo.. our first date wasn’t the greatest but that is fine. The ones after that were and I fell so head over heels madly in love with this small countryman, that I wanted to spend every minute I could with him. I think he would agree when I say, he fell in love with me at first sight. I will never forget the ringtone he had for me when I called, I would call just so I could hear it even when I was with him. “The Closer You Get The Further I Fall” by Alabama.  He was actually the first one to say “I love you.” We got engaged around 2012 and I started planning right away.

Wedding Day

September 6, 2014, was an absolutely beautiful day. The guys dressed in their gray suits with camouflage vests and cowboy boots. My girls looking so beautiful in their champagne dresses and cowgirl boots. I am getting ready in an old house, and Ryan getting ready in the barn next door. The wedding of my dreams coming true. My dad there to come to get me with the horse and carriage, riding down to see the man of my dreams. The song “A thousand years” playing as the guys and girls walk down the aisle. Then it is my turn, the music starts playing, I can hear the beginning part and that is when I come in. I start singing “Love All Your Life” by The Band Perry.  I am walking and singing trying to hold my dress and stand next to my dad, then I see him. As I try so hard not to choke up and continue singing the song I get to stand right next to Ryan and say our vows after this. Then its time to celebrate, it was such a beautiful wedding and that was just the beginning of our lives.

Questions and Answers for Ryan And I 

1) How did Ryan Propose??

Ryan said: On my apartment balcony.

Kayla: We had a little bit too much to drink this night and ended up outside on my apartment balcony where Ryan proposed. He, however, proposed later on asking me to marry him in our home. 

2) What do you do when one of you is mad at the other person?

Ryan’s response: I will normally just walk away and go outside 

Kayla’s response: I normally give myself time to cool off, walk away. If I am really upset I will confront Ryan about it, depending on what the situation is. 

3) What is one of your favorite things about each other?

Ryans Response: I don’t have a favorite thing but if I had to pick some of my favorite things would be; (boobs and butt) lol. Her easy-going and calm personality. 

Kayla’s response: He is such a great person, has an exceptional heart, and would do anything for our family. He is always there when I need him, he also has a contagious smile and laughs. I have a lot of favorites about Ryan, it is hard not too. Ryan is a very likable guy. 

4) What was the first movie you seen together?

The first movie we have ever seen together was our first date, the movie “Inception” not a great movie for a first date so I wouldn’t recommend it. This movie was very confusing. 

5) What do you both like to do for fun together?

 We go on road trips together, go camping, ride around on our side by side. Our dog Ruger is a big source of entertainment for both of us as well. Watch movies together and spending time together. We spend a lot of time together. 

6) What advice would you give to couples?

Ryan’s Response: To all the guys don’t be a dick and to all the girls don’t be a biotch… (my husband’s personality for you all lol).  Keep track of each other’s spending habits. 

Kayla’s Response: Never stop having fun with that person. Always remember why you fell in love with them and started dating them in the first place. Never go to bed angry.. this is easier said than done, but sometimes its best to just put things on hold. Always tell the person “I love you” no matter what, you never know what could happen. Marriage is hard work, so know what you want before you say “I do” know that you will have to work hard at it. 

                7) How do you keep God in your marriage?

We like to keep God as the center of our marriage. We know that every day is a blessing and we would not be here if it wasn’t for the lord providing, guiding and keeping us safe and healthy.

8) What were some of your favorite books to read to help you with your marriage?

Ryan’s Response: I don’t read books.

Kayla’s Response: I really enjoyed “his brain her brain” by and the “5 love languages” These are both so important in my opinion. God has made our brains so different. Girls and Guys do not think the same at all. We react to things differently and “His Brain Her Brain”  hits on a lot of those points. The “5 love languages” hits on the type of love language we have. Some of us like words of affirmation, then there is physical touch, emotional, there are so many different ways that we all like to be loved. I like to be told that I am loved and getting hugged, that is my love language. This book hits on all of that.

His Brain, Her Brain: How Divinely Designed Differences Can Strengthen Your Marriage

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

9) What kind of wedding did you have? Church?

We had an outdoor wedding.

10) What is y’ alls go-to date night?

We like to go to small-town bars in our area because they have the best deep-fried food and burgers and we love the atmosphere.

11) What does a typical night look for you both?

Ryan’s Response: Come home from work, eat dinner and just relax watching t.v or shop on amazon until its time to go to bed. (I know we are pretty boring) 

Kayla: Wait for Ry to come home, cook dinner, we eat and then watch a netflix show or one of our favorite shows together and go to bed. 

12) How many babies do y’all want?

Ryan’s response: None until Kayla is healthy enough. If she was healthy I would want 1 or 2 tops. 

Kayla: I would like to have at least one. I have never wanted two because I did not want to play favortism with my kids. But I would definetely like at least one. 

13) At what age did you start dating?

Ryan’s Response: I was 19 

Kayla: I was 20 (Yes I robbed the cradle, I am older than Ryan)

14) Where do you live? Country, City, Suburb?

We live in the country, the only place we would ever want to live.  Our first year of marriage we did live in the city and we absolutely hated it.

15) How did you two cuties meet?

A mutual friend of ours sent Ryan a picture and asked him “if he was single?” Not even a couple of hours later, he was in my parent’s driveway wanting to meet me.

16) Did you write your own vows?

We did not write our own vows to each other. Although I wrote some of what I wanted our pastor (who was my uncle) to say. I kept some of it traditional but added some that wasn’t

17) What physical attributes do you like about each other?

Ryan’s Response: Hair, face, boobs and butt. 

Kayla: His smile, he has a nice body (his stomach), a neatly trimmed beard, eyes. HIs hands because mine fits perfectly in his. 

18) What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Ryan: When kayla sang to me and the reception. 

Kayla: I really liked the ceremony, it was such a beautiful ceremony. I also loved the reception, the dances with our parents and the speech from my sister and my dad was hilarious. Loved both of those, and just all the people that were involved in making our big day happen. 

19) Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went UP north here in Michigan. Every day was a different day that Ryan planned for a new place for us to go to. We went and seen so many different and beautiful sites and it was a honeymoon we will never forget. It was PERFECT! 

20) You favorite part about being married?

Marriage is the best! It is hard to say what our favorite part is, at first we just loved saying husband and wife. Then just being able to spend every day together, and know that we have eachothers backs no matter what. Marriage is so different from being in a relationship. 

Photo Time



Our Wedding Video

Kayla and Ryan’s wedding video, the very beginning is me singing to ryan and what you all asked for.


I hope you all enjoyed this little story and getting to know my husband and I better.



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